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Elma Whyte

Founder of EWPA and President of the BATD

Elma Whyte founded EWPA (then Elma Whyte School of Dancing) at the age of 18 in 1966. 

As an examiner of the BATD she has been at the heart of dance for over 50 years, she has gone on to become president of the association travelling the globe representing the BATD and the dance community. 

Elma Whyte is a winner of the prestigious 'The Karl Alan Award' which is given to a selected number of people for their outstanding contribution to teaching. 

Her successful dance school, now directed and run by her daughter, Adelle Maasz, has received over 10 certificates of excellence from the Stage Dance Council International for high standards of teaching. 

Elma Whyte is still very much involved with EWPA, teaching and ensuring the dance training is kept at the highest standard. When she isn't on important business with the BATD she is enjoying time at the dance school surrounded by her dancing family!